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Picture Info





Pictures are professionally shot by Sherling Photography



Picture Day is Sunday, May 21st from 1:00pm-4:00pm

The time provided in the schedule list is the time we shoot the GROUP photo.  We do shoot all pictures on time! If you are late you will not be in the group picture. Even if you chose to not purchase photos, please bring your student, as we like to have full class pictures, thank you!


Come fully dressed in costume and makeup with your picture forms already filled out (forms will be handed out 2 weeks before picture days). 


Group picture for all tap/ jazz classes will be taken in tap shoes. 


At the request of the photographers, No parents are allowed in the studio while pictures are being taken.  Pictures run smoothly with the least number of people in the studio.  Corrine & Jennifer are in with the photographers so the young dancers have familiar faces.  Thank you.

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